A downloadable game for Windows

Check in the Back is a visual novel where you help convention patrons find their lost belongings.

As the unlucky 20-something manning the lost-and-found office of a large fan convention, help a handful of quirky characters find their stuff! 

If you can supply friendly conversation and quick service, maybe you'll get hired permanently!

Made for Global Game Jam 2021, the theme was "Lost-and-Found".

Mouse to advance text and select objects.


Cute and charming 2D art to inspire your next cosplay
Snappy dialogue and a cast of adorable nerdy misfits
Original music and comprehensive sound design
Four endings based on your quality customer service
The development team's disturbing memories of working at comic-cons


Benjamin Williams : Producer and Writer
Dan Whittam : 2D Artist
Dipo Master : Director, Programmer and Designer
Gina Loughlin : Composer
Will Biggs: Sound Designer

Tom Needham : UI Artist
Taryn Whittam : Background Artist

Find the OST here: https://ginaloughlin.bandcamp.com/album/check-in-the-back

Aggro Crab Seal of Quality


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CheckInTheBack_Windowed 107 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file, then double click on the "CheckInTheBack.exe" to start the game.

Development log


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hey i like all the diferent characters that are shown cosplaying here, their different persoanlites i feel like could happen in real life and then the items i like how many there are and that you have to match the item with the person, the idea of playing someone working a a convention is creative and new also, just great job!

When I click to extract the files... my computer says that threats have been detected. I have tried this twice and I know this is no coincidence because it only happens when I click extract. I have removed the files immediately afterward, and it fixes the problem. Thing is... this hasn't happened with any other games that I have downloaded on this site. Kind of suspicious man idk.

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Hi, that sounds really odd, can you tell me which version did you download to help me troubleshoot this issue? can you post a screenshot of the error/message?

I just tried to extract the files again to trigger the virus warning, but it seems like it solved itself. I can play the game and no warnings of any sort have appeared. Do you know what might've caused this in the first place? I'm new to playing games on the computer, so I'm a bit nervous when it comes to downloading files for games.


Glad you got the chance to play our game! I've got no idea why or what happened, but it's likely that it was a false positive. I've made a new build without the Unity tracking (which is on by default). 


Alrighty. Thank you so much for being willing to help me. I played your game all the way through, and I have to say that I absolutely love it! It is a great game with a truly fun premise and extremely likeable characters. I hope you have a wonderful day. :)


It's so cute aaahhhh! The graphics in this game are well made and it's really entertaining even though it is short. Thank you for sharing such immaculate game.